Screenshot Launch AWE.write

What is AWE.write?

AWE.write (Ambient Web Write) is a web based text editor. That means it runs in the browser. It has two text panes that allow side-by-side editing.

In addition, your text is saved automatically inside your browser (using Local Storage). So be carefull: If you delete your browser data, you delete your text, too.

There's not much more to it. Just you, your text and some customization settings to make it your own.

News and release notes

1.15 released
  • Added the new logo in the app header.
  • Currently selected settings are now highlighted.
  • Add app icon for Apple devices.
1.14 released
  • AWE.write has a real logo now. Added it as a favicon and on the website.
  • Updated a lot of themes and added some new ones. After starting the new version you'll once have to select your theme again, sorry.
  • The textbox layout now uses absolute buttons. One button per layout setting instead of increment and decrement buttons. Also the number of possible layouts has been reduced to five.
  • Big UI polish, especially the theme sidebar.
1.13.4 released
  • Font "Inter" is now being used as UI font.
  • Small UI updates.
1.13.3 released
  • With custom title bar enabled the window now can be dragged with the mouse cursor on the word counter and clock as well.
1.13.2 released
  • Fix bug that the text width would shrink 1 step for every reload of the app.
1.13.1 released
  • Add new themes: Dark Wood, Rainbow Glitter, Stones, Beach, Blossoms.
  • Make theme names easier to read.
1.13 released
  • Add new text width "medium".
1.12.2 released
  • Small UI changes.
  • Add link to GitHub repository.
  • Add leading zero to clock hours.
  • Code clean-up and refactoring.
1.12.1 released
  • Don't use blurry input fields when background is a simple color.
  • Fix: Opening sidebar didn't work when toolbar gets opened for the first time.
1.12 released
  • Some layout and functionality improvements for the toolbar.
    • Font toolbar now uses two lines.
    • Name of current open toolbar gets highlighted.
    • Sidebar with backgrounds opens automatically when background toolbar gets opened.
  • Fix: Clicking the textarea didn't close the toolbar anymore.
1.11 released
  • Closing the toolbar now re-focuses the text field that was focused before opening the toolbar.
1.10.1 released
  • Fixed tab support.
1.10.0 released
  • Add new fonts: "iA Writer Duo", "iA Writer Quattro", and "OpenDyslexic".
  • New theme: Photos > Textures > Wood
  • Decrease file size of all fonts.
  • Add option to customize line height.
  • Increase max font size from 24 to 30.
  • Clicking on the background but outside the text fields now also closes the toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug where the font size would reset after a reload when you tried to change the font size beyond its limits.
  • Small UI update.
1.9.0 released
  • Support custom titlebar when installed as PWA.
  • Remove transparency from toolbar.
  • Blur background behind text fields in order to increase readability.
  • Update UI colors to make it look more clean.
1.8.3 released
  • Fixed broken spellcheck setting.
1.8.2 released
  • When installed as an app the title bar now uses a color that matches the background image.
1.8.1 released
  • Add color themes: Seaside Light/Dark and Lakeside Light/Dark.
  • Update color themes to make them easier on the eyes.
  • Reordered and rearranged color themes.
  • Small UI updates.
  • When installed as an app the title bar now gets light gray when using a light background image.
1.8.0 released
  • Removed jQuery and jQuery UI and modernize the code base. This requires a lot less code to download when using AWE.write.
1.7.2 released
  • Add info dialog for the http version that it will be taken down by June 1st. Please use the https version from now on. Thank you!
1.7.1 released
  • Code uses JS modules now. There should be no functional changes.
1.7.0 released
  • Color of window title bar is also changed based on selected theme. Only "color" themes are currently supported.
1.6.1 released
  • Fix bug that set font is not restored after page reload
1.6.0 released
  • Add option to disable spellchecking
  • Replaced fonts with new ones: IBM Plex and Kalam
  • UI update, enhanced light themes
  • Updated background colors and added new ones
  • Background images scale correctly now
  • Move website to GitHub Pages
1.5.0 released
  • Added word counter on the top right
1.4.1 released
  • Added offline support
1.4.0 released
  • Added "DATA" › "switch texts" and "LAYOUT" › "text width"
  • Added background image set "aqua"
  • Subtle UI changes
1.3.0 released
  • Added font "Ubuntu Mono"
  • Enhanced cross-browser support
  • Subtle UI changes
1.2.0 released
  • Allow tab character
  • Added new background colors
  • Added fallback fonts
  • Switched from "save every six seconds" to "save on every keystroke"
  • Subtle UI changes and bug fixes
1.1.0 released
  • Added Windows 8 Tile support
  • New icons
  • Subtle UI changes